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Arts & Crafts Bazaar (1988 - 2017)


The one-day event saw the New Hope campus transformed into a holiday wonderland where vendors are able to sell their unique and hard to find, handmade items to the general public.  Each year the event raised thousands of dollars that were then disbursed throughout the Fort Bend community to charitable causes of all kinds.

On November 18
th , 2017 we celebrated New Hope’s 29 th annual Bazaar with our church family and community friends. It
was another successful event and we want to extend a big Thank You to all of our helpers for their hard work this fall.
Your long hours were really appreciated. The Bazaar is a huge undertaking and would not have been possible without all
of us working together.
The proceeds from the Bazaar help fund New Hope projects and ministries, as well as community organizations.
2017 Bazaar proceeds will go to these projects and ministries:

  • Repair and paint the Fellowship Hall ceiling

  • Tile the floor in the church restroom hall

  • Purchase new window blinds for the Fellowship Hall

  • Purchase a new Sanctuary Christmas tree

  • East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministries

  • Fort Bend Family Promise

  • Fund Camp Hope’s waterslide for three weeks

  • Help with expenses for the 2018 Youth Gathering


The New Hope Community Bazaar has been a big part of our church life for 29 years and an active partner in spreading
our name and the love of Christ beyond our church campus. Our bonds as a church family have been strengthened as we
have worked and baked
side-by- side to make the event happen each year. We found out that some of us are talented
bakers, sign-makers, decorators, announcers, elves, ticket
sales people, lords, clean-up people, and traffic people. We
have had a lot of fun together.
We have grown to know our community neighbors who have partnered with us. Many local businesses provided Silent
Auction items, food for our workers, food to sell, and even guest parking spaces. Vendors from across the region have
become some of our biggest promoters and have come to be special friends who visited with us each November. The
city permit and police departments worked with us and kept an eye out for us. Local newspapers and magazines worked
with us on publicity. Local animal shelters brought their animals to help them find homes. Area high school students
came here to earn their service hours, helped with our endeavors, and shared a little time and pizza with us. Some
students from FBISD’s culturally diverse population experienced the joy of decorating their first Christmas tree here at
New Hope. Some say they never knew New Hope existed until they came to do their service hours.
Internationally, the committee has also made conscious efforts to touch the world by supporting world relief
organizations and partnering with other organizations to sell fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, and craft items at the
Bazaar. Additionally, a portion of the yearly funds
go to support our sister church, El Buen Pastor, in El Salvador, and its
The Bazaar has also represented New Hope in the community. Some people know us as “that church with the November
craft show” and they’ve made shopping with us a part of their annual routine. Also, for the last several years, the Bazaar
committee has donated funds for a table at EFBHNM’s Empty Bowls event in
April, and filled it with New Hope
The yearly Bazaar proceeds have impacted New Hope’s projects and ministries as well as the Community throughout the
years. Bazaar proceeds and the committee’s work have also helped provide:

  • The Community Center stove, refrigerator, and freezer

  • The black chairs and rolling chair storage racks

  • TV Monitors for the Community Center and Narthex

  • Funds for restroom remodels

  • Carpet, and later, tile for the Fellowship Hall

  • Fellowship Hall cabinets refinishing

  • Blinds and paint for the Sunday School rooms and Fellowship Hall

  • Shelving for the new storage building

  • Music cabinets, software, and supplies

  • Shelving for kitchen equipment

  • Kitchen faucets and supplies

  • Parking lot restriping

  • The church’s entire first computer system

  • Church accounting software

  • Four shelving units to store financial and other records

  • Numerous round and rectangular tables

  • Camp Hope scholarships and water slides

  • Transportation for youth trips

  • Prayer Garden supplies

  • Funds for El Buen Pastor scholarships and other expenses

  • Funds for several Eagle Scout projects and Girls Scout Gold Award projects

  • Funds for the New Hope After-School Arts Academy, Preschool Arts Program, and Mother’s Day Out Program

  • The first playground for the Community Center

  • Seed money for El Buen Pastor Agricultural fund

  • Orff Instruments for the children’s choir

  • Choir Robes for the children’s choir

  • A funeral pall

  • A large Christmas tree for the Sanctuary

  • Some of the bells for the Bell Choir

  • Bell Choir equipment maintenance

  • Supplies for the Sunday School program

  • The Community Center nursery remodel

  • The New Hope Cookbook


Additionally, funds from the Bazaar have been shared with community and world-wide organizations including:

  • Boys Town

  • Camp Hope

  • East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry

  • Fair Trade organizations

  • Family Promise

  • Fort Bend ARC and Special Olympics

  • Fort Bend Corps

  • Fort Bend Women’s Shelter

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Hurricane and other disaster relief organizations

  • Lutherhill

  • Lutheran Social Services of the South

  • Project Heifer International

It has been a wonderful 29 years and we have enjoyed working with everyone to make a difference in the world. We
thank you all for your support and camaraderie in this long journey.


There have been many changes in the three decades since the bazaar began. 

Our special weekend used to be a quiet weekend in the community, but now there are numerous other bazaars, holiday
festivals, camping opportunities, and athletic events throughout the month of November. We compete with these other
events for our shoppers, vendors, and workers. And we are all busier than ever. It seems like the right time to explore
other opportunities.
It is with mixed emotions that the Bazaar Committee announces that last year’s 2017 Bazaar was our final Bazaar. We
will miss our November traditions: the planning, the baking, the fellowship, the hurrying, and the lack of sleep; but we
look forward to a new future. We challenge YOU, the members of New Hope, to get together and envision a new event
for our congregation. Organize something that you are passionate about:

  • Something that will unite us in love and work and help spread the love of Christ.

  • Something that will provide a new face for New Hope in the community.

The future is yours to create. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

New Hope Bazaar Committee


The Bazaar Ladies spreading their "Bazaartan Spirit."

The Bazaar Ladies present: "Bazaar House Rock"