Children's Journey to Bethlehem

Usually held on the 3rd Saturday of December at 4:30, 5:30, & 6:30

(December 20 for 2014)


The Children's Journey to Bethlehem is an emersive experience that is designed to walk children through the events in the Nativity story step by step.  More than simply a "live" nativity, the entire NHLC Campus is transformed into the Holy Land of times passed and the children are guided to, and allowed to interact with each of the key elements in the Nativity story.  They register for the census and they explore the village of Bethlehem, all the while witnessing the key moments in the story in the evironment in which they took place.

Christmas Eve Worship for Families with Children

Every Christmas Eve at 5:00 PM


Each Christmas Eve New Hope holds two different worship services that are designed to be meaningful and substantive to different audiences.  The Worship for Families with Children is a "progressive" nativity where the entire congregation plays a part in creating a vingett of the traditional Nativity scene. Traditional Carols are sung in abbreviated form and communion is served.

Children's Journey to the Cross

Every Good Friday at 10:30 AM


The Children's Journey to the Cross is an emersive experience that is designed to walk children through the events in the Passion story step by step.  The children are guided through each element of the Passion story and are able to see touch and interact with items from the story.  They ride a donkey.  They wash each others feet.  They have communion with each other.  They get to carry the cross and roll the stone infront of the tomb. In the end they are able to experience the story in very tangible ways that bring it to life like no other event.

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Stuff We Do for Children

Camp Hope

Camp Hope is a summer day camp that is held annually on campus.  It's most innovative feature is the way that youth of all ages are part of the mentoring process.  It began at New Hope LC mor than 20 years ago and has proven to be popular and sucessful for each generation that comes through the program.  As children age their roles change.  They begin as campers and are the focus of the program.  As they age they first become disciple campers that are preparing to be mentors in the future.  Then they become staff and work directly with the younger children.  Later they become counsellors and coordinate the staff and some have eventually grown up to become camp directors themselves.


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Milestones are important moments in our children's lives as the grow and mature.  New Hope marks each of those moments with a blessing and a reminder of God's great love.


  • Pre-School Bibles: During the Fall, New Hope holds a Saturday Bible class for pre-school children that introduces them to the bible as our holy scriptures. Pre-school children and their families are then asked to join us in Sunday worship, and the children are given an age-appropriate Bible to help start their journey of faith.


  • Backpack Blessing: As part of our September Rally Day celebration, we invite children and adults to come forward with the backpack or bag they use for school or work. We offer a blessing on each person and their backpack for success for the coming year.


  • 3rd Grade Bibles: Children, having reached the 3rd grade are given bibles that will help them begin to study the Bible.  There is a weekend class where the pastors will go over the structure of the Bible and teach them how to use the special age appropriate addition they are given.

Watch the video above to see how the Journey to is undertaken.




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