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Children's Faith Formation


Children Matter.

Children matter to God.

Children matter at New Hope.

Children's presence, opinions, enthusiasm, and spiritual gifts

     are highly valued and taken seriously at New Hope. 

We offer age-appropriate opportunities for learning and service

     that engage both the head and heart, and are relevant to daily life.  

We Celebrate Milestones

Milestones are important moments in our children's lives as the grow and mature.  New Hope marks each of those moments with a blessing and a reminder of God's great love.


  • Pre-School Bibles:  Children and their parents are equipped to to read the Bible together.


  • Backpack Blessing: Folks are invited to come forward with the backpack or bag they use for school or work. We offer a blessing on each person for God's guidance and strength to live out their faith in the coming year.


  • 3rd Grade Bibles: Children are given age-appropriate Bibles as they learn to be self-readers of scripture.

We Invite Children to Lead 

Worship on any given week might include a young person ushering,

     helping with offering, reading scripture or serving communion.  

We Encourage Children to Serve

Young people in age appropriate ways:  give their voices through song for senior citizens,

     they serve at homeless shelters, they pack care packages for young adults and military,

     they hand out bulletins, and give their offerings. 

Pictured here are kids washing each other's feet during Holy week

     remembering Jesus' example of service.