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El Buen Pastor - Sister Congregation

New Hope helps the people of El Buen Pastor in many ways including...


  • an agriculture loan fund 

  • materials to build chapels in the rural communities

  • over 1,000 student scholarships

  • a shrimp farm that provides income and employment for the community

  • a pickup truck and repairs

  • fertilizer and seed to replace crops lost in hurricanes, flooding and drought

  • materials to build a literary school

  • earthquake aid--food and building materials

  • the pastor's and lay evangelist's salaries

  • church building rent and utilities

  • personal computer and printer

New Hope began its involvement with El Salvador in the late 1980's as we supported the missionary ministry of Rev. Dan Long during the Salvadoran civil war.  Rev. Long put New Hope in contact with the Salvadoran Lutheran Sister Parish Program, and in 1994 we were paired with the congregation of El Buen Pastor (The Good Shepherd) Lutheran Church Usulután.


The congregation of El Buen Pastor, led by Pastor Julio Cesar Chavez Aguilar, serves Usulután and the surrounding rural communities of Llano El Coyol, Puerto Parada, San Rafael Oriente, and Santa Elena. 


New Hope has sent delegations to El Salvador 7 times and Pastor Julio has visited New Hope 6 times.  The relationship with El Buen Pastor has given the members of New Hope:


  • the realization that we are part of a global Christian community

  • a way to live out our mission of advocating justice and peace

  • an example of faith and hope in the daily lives of Christians in another cultural setting

  • spiritual experiences for those who have visited El Salvador