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Ministry with Men

Among the many import things that we foster at New Hope is community and friendship.  We provide lots of opportunities for members to bond, but it is also important that men be able to bond with each other as well.  Below are some of the programs especially for men.

Men's Breakfast

1st and 3rd Wednesdays

7:00 AM - IHOP at HWY 59 (I69) and HWY 6


The men's prayer breakfast meets every other week to talk, socialize, and pray over breakfast.  There is also frequently discussion of the issues of the day and theological content from the male perspective.  All men are welcome.

Men's Basketball

Every Thursday

7:00-9:00 PM - in the Community Center


The Men's Basketball group is a very casual gathering of guys that just want to get together and play some Basketball together.  It is not league play, just an opportunity to hang out and get some excercise playing a game that they love to play.  All men are welcome!