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Seasonal Services

On this page you will find information about the special worship services that are oberved either on Festival Sundays or during the middle of the week each year at New Hope Lutheran Church during special season.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship

Every December 24th

5:00 PM - Worship for Families with Children

8:00 -       Festival Worship with Orchestra and Harp


Each Christmas Eve New Hope holds two different worship services that are designed to be meaninful and substantive to different audiences.  The Worship for Families with Children is a "progressive" nativity where the entire congregation plays a part in creating a vinyet of the traditional Nativity scene. Traditional Carols are sung in abreviated form and communion is served.


The Festival Worship is a grand, traditional Christmas Eve service complete with harp and orchestra.  Carols, special music, a sermon, and communion are all part of the experience.


Both services conclude with candlelight.

Midweek Lenten Worship

Every Wednesday during Lent, from Ash Wednesday thru

the 5th Wednesday in Lent

Soup Suppers begin at 6:15 PM

Worship begins at 6:45


New Hope commemorates the Lenten Season beginning with an Ash Wednesday Worship with communion and imposition of ashes.  Each week following, there is a Lenten Soup Supper and Mid-week Worship.  The tone of the services is devotional and usually have a theme that caries through the season.  New Hope uses this time to focus on special spiritual topics and renewal.

Holy Week

Palm Sunday Worship at 8:00 and 10:30 AM

Maundy Thursday Worship at 7:00 PM

Good Friday Worship at 7:00 PM

Easter Vigil Worship at 7:00 PM beginning at the Lakeside Chapel 

Easter Sunday Worship at 8:00 and 10:30 AM


New Hope observes Holy Week commemorating the major events of the final days of Christ's mortal ministry.  Palm Sunday begins the week during regular Sunday worship.  Maundy Thursday worship includes communion and footwashing reflecting the selfless nature of Christ's servanthood.  Good Friday is a Tenebrae service of darkness that concludes each year with a performance of "The Passion in Mime," by the NHLC Mime Troupe.  It is a haunting experience for worshipers every year.  We remember the doubtful, dark, hopelessness of the days before the resurrection on Holy Saturday with an observance at sunset in the Lakeside Chapel.  Holy week concludes with the Easter Sunday Feast of the Resurrection where we celebrate the Risen Christ with bells and Alleluias, choir, orchestra, and a joyful noise.

Pet Blessing

Every 1st Saturday of October


Our pets are very important to us.  They are, in fact, members of our families. They fact that they aren't human, makes them no less precious to us or to God. Following St. Fracis of Assisi's example of caring for ALL of creation, New Hope holds a pet blessing each October on St. Francis Day.  The entire community is welcome.  A brief service is held in which our Pastors will bestow a blessing on pets of all descriptions from vertibrate to invertibrate.  The only requirement is that all pets be on a leash or contained.  


The Girl Scouts partner with New Hope to provide other services as well, including: pet photos, pet food donation, wild bird feeder clinics, flower planting and other activities that honor the creation that surrounds us.

Reformation Sunday

Every Final Sunday in October at 8:00 and 10:30 AM


Reformation Day is a festival day that is unique to the Lutheran Church and commemorates Martin Luther's defiant act of nailing his 95 theses to the church door on All Hallows Eve in 1517.  It was that act that eventually lead to the creation of Lutheran Church and began the Protestant Reformation.  "Ein Feste Burg" (A Mighty Fortress) is always sung by the congregation on this day, Jesus Christ as the sole foundation of the Church is Proclaimed.  Worship typically includes celebratory musical ensembles and the tradition is to wear red on the day which reflects the Firey legacy of the Day of Pentecost.


It's proximity to Halloween means that our annual OktoberBash is often held on the same day.

All Saints' Sunday

Every 1st Sunday in November at 8:00 and 10:30 AM


All Saints' Sunday is held on the Sunay on or following All Saints Day.  During this special contemplative worship service we remember all of the saints that have come before us.  The names of all those that have been born or have died in year since the previous All Saints' Day are read aloud during the prayer as toling bells are heard.  

Thanksgiving Worship

Each Year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving at 8:00 and 10:30 AM


New Hope Lutheran Church, does not hold a Thanksgiving Day Worship service, but it does hold a Thanksgiving worship on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  It is a service that combines elements of Christ the King Sunday and Thanksgiving Day services, giving thanks for Christ our heavenly King and all of the bounty and blessings of the previous year.