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Stuff We Do for Youth

New Hope Lutheran Church values the gifts that people of all ages bring to our community of faith.    However, as fellow children of God, Children and Youth have special gifts to share that enrich the rest of us.  Their presence, opinions, enthusiasm, and spiritual gifts are highly valued and taken seriously at New Hope.    We offer a safe, affirming atmosphere where Children and Youth, as well as Adults can grow in their faith and commitment to the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ.  We continually strive to offer age-appropriate opportunities for learning and service that engage both the head and heart, and are relevant to each person’s daily life.  Children, Youth and their Families are welcome participants in every aspect of our congregational life. 

Faith Formation

Faith Formation is our version of Sunday School.  We don't call it "School" because kids get enough of that during the week.  Faith Formation is all about shaping our children and youth in the ways that we promised when they were Baptized.  We wish to continue their discipleship as followers of Christ while giving them the skills that they will need to cope with the realities of the world in a Christ-like way.


Milestones are important moments in our children's lives as the grow and mature.  New Hope marks each of those moments with a blessing and a reminder of God's great love.


  • Jr. High Blessing: Graduating from Middle School and moving into Jr. High is a major transition for kids. New Hope recognizes this milestone in a worship service each year, by offering a blessing and a “survival kit” for our students starting Jr. High.


  • Blessing of Graduates: High School graduation marks the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another. We celebrate the graduations of our High School youth with an embroidered blanket to take to college, and a Blanket Liturgy for the graduates and their parents, during which we offer our support and prayers for their success. 


  • College Care Packages: New Hope is committed to staying connected to our youth as they receive their higher education. During the academic year, New Hope sends care packages filled with snacks, school supplies, and other goodies to our college students.

Hanging out

Simply being together in a safe nuturing environment is essential to the growth of young people.  At New New hope sometimes we get together just because its great to spend time with friends and let our hair down.  The youth program is diligent about providing these kind of opportunities for our young men and women.

Camp Hope

Camp Hope is a summer day camp that is held annually on campus.  It's most innovative feature is the way that youth of all ages are part of the mentoring process.  It began at New Hope LC mor than 20 years ago and has proven to be popular and sucessful for each generation that comes through the program.  As children age their roles change.  They begin as campers and are the focus of the program.  As they age they first become disciple campers that are preparing to be mentors in the future.  Then they become staff and work directly with the younger children.  Later they become councilors and coordinate the staff and some have eventually grown up to become camp directors themselves.


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Mime Troupe

9th-12th Grade  Rehearsals are seasonal as needed


Each year, the high school youth are invited to be part of the Passion in Mime, which forms the cornerstone of our Good Friday Tenebrae Worship Service. They are taught mime and theater technique in presentation and preparation.  It has proven to be a deeply meaningful experience for them and for the congregation every year.  (Click here to watch last years presentation.)

National Youth Gathering

The ELCA Youth Gathering is a national convention held every 3 years in a different American city attended by high-school-age youth of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The years before 2009 the gathering would last two weeks, with certain churches coming one week, the others going the second week. The gathering lasts around 5 days and each day is focused on a form a of service. Each convention has a central theme to it. These themes are focused on a certain scripture from the bible.

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Luther Hill

Lutherhill Outings: Our local Lutheran camp is Lutherhill Camp in La Grange, Texas. Several times a year Lutherhill provides retreats and activities for kids and youth, as well as yearly summer camps. New Hope participates in the Junior High and Senior High retreats, summer camps, and other events each year. 

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